General Manager

Natasha is the core of 33 South, responsible for everything that makes this Backpackers so wonderful. She takes on all roles including Administration, Marketing and Human Resources, and she does it all with a smile. Some call her a wine connoisseur (we’re not too sure about this) and although she is always buzzing around, she never forgets to greet every guest. When she uses her syrupy-sweet voice, that’s when you know she’s about to ask a favour.


Assistant Manager

Maletuka is one person who is truly passionate about the tourism industry! Her experience in backpacking and travelling make her the perfect person to trade travel stories. She is always in control and if you need anything during your stay she’s the perfect person to talk to. As an outdoor person, she loves horse-riding and farming, and after a day spent at university you will see how a glass of wine puts a warm smile on her face!



No one cherishes a clean backpacker as she does. As one of our outstanding housekeepers she takes her job very serious. Victoria is a mother to all of us from the staff to all the in-house guests. Honest, loving, humble and someone who loves cooking, specializing in delicious traditional Xhosa meals. Fondly known at the backpackers as “uMama Wethu” (isiXhosa for ‘our mother’) or simply “Mama”, she is the one person who will make sure you’re always living in a clean home.



Babalo is the so called “Lady Bountiful” at 33 South. Although she is the quieter one of the housekeepers, she has learnt to speak beautiful English to the guests – a cup of tea and simple Xhosa lessons with guests are always on offer at the kitchen table.



Lebo is a self-renowned world traveler, having spent 2 years in South America and various other places around the world, she has seen it all. She has a vibrant and bubbly personality who believes in treating people with love and respect. She also wears the hat of a chef, so if you want your taste buds to be amazed, then she’s your girl!



Her first name is Brenda which means Sword and Light, her second name is Nomandla which means Power. She brings light where ever she goes, she is filled with strength and dignity in all she does, she is authentic and the Princess of the house. She will always greet you with a smile and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that your stay with us is the best you will have.



She is a proud, young Xhosa woman. Quiet and a bit shy BUT always smiling and always willing to help. Whenever she is around she will make sure that everyone is feeling comfortable and welcome and she LOVES the colour RED.


Receptionist and Social media manager

Qiniso's name means Truth. Qiniso is the fun loving member of the family, always travelling somewhere or the other and you will see all about on our social media pages and if not, you will find Qiniso at the reception ensuring that you receive the best service available. Do not hesitate to take a picture or two because Qiniso LOVES taking pictures.



He is generally quiet, keeps to himself however can be very sociable when the mood is right. He gives great advice, is a good listener and will answer all the questions you have and more. Ask him about marketing strategies and he will go on forever, he is well versed in the department. You will find him either out in our backyard or sitting at one of our computers if he is not at the reception. He has one of the most contagious, yet shy laugh.



She is a young lady that keeps to her self and she greets you with a smile before she says anything, Philiswa loves reading in her spare time and Yes! she is shy, but when you start a chat with her, she might end up becoming your best friend.